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Oil Service Myths - Just Say No!

  • 3000 mile / 3 month Oil Change - Engine oil service intervals ranged from 5000 - 7500 mile per manufacturer (OEM) 20 years ago (1994 or newer). A properly designed engine oil and oil filter can meet the OEM service interval. Marketing hype and myths, to be kind, have continued to promote a frequent 3,000 mile / 3 month engine oil service interval.


    Avoid auto repair shops promoting 3000 mile oil changes. Shops promoting 3000 mile oil changes are using poor quality engine oil and poor quality oil filters. They don't service their own vehicles with that junk, why should you accept poor quality service?

  • Change Viscosity between Summer and Winter The practice of changing engine oil viscosity between summer and winter was a common practice through the 1980's with petroleum base engine oils in climates with wide temperature changes between summer and winter. The reason for changing the type of oil was based on the variation of the viscosity under cold winter temperatures and high summer temperatures. The reason for changing oil types has been virtually eliminated due to techology improvements, refining and viscosity improvers for properly formulated petroleum base motor oils. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils have a high viscosity index which maintains viscosity in grade over wide temperature ranges. The simple answer is AMSOIL synthethic motor oil meets viscosity specifications at low and high temperatures. AMSOIL motor oils never required changing viscosity from summer to winter. Choose AMSOIL synthetic motor oil for severe envronments with wide temperature changes from summer to winter.

  • Add a Quart of Higher Viscosity Oil The myth to add a quart of higher viscosity oil is a poor practice used for many misguided excuses. The is no basis for mixing viscosities. A properly formulated motor oil is the correct choice for your application. Choose AMSOIL synthetic motor oil for you application.

  • Using Oil Additives to Improve Motor Oil A properly formulated motor oil includes an additive package that is optimal. If you are a chemist, experiment to your hearts content. AMSOIL synthetic motor oil includes an advanced additives package. Usage of aftermarket oil additives are not recommended with AMSOIL synthetic motor oil. Just Say No!